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Idea & Info: The Brave Little Toaster DVD - Ideas on how to restore?
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21-Dec-2015, 7:17 PM

OracleBoy77 said:

Asaki said:

I’m sure it looks just as bad as the home video >_<

No, I recall it was slightly cleaner on VHS (that didn’t came out until the early 90’s I think). I’m sure they went back and did a new transfer with whatever they had by then.

Well, there are four (plus two alternate) main video masters that I found were used. I don’t know which order they were used in or when they were made, but here’s what I can make out:

Transfer #1 (French DVD, 1992 Czech/Argentinian VHS, 1995 Dutch VHS, and 1990s Brazilian VHS by Gota Mágica):

Transfer #2 (Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish VHS, Danish DVD, and 1987 Brazilian VHS by VTI Rio):

Transfer #3 (USA print for VHS and DVD)

Transfer #4 (Non-USA/PAL DVD releases)

Alternate Transfer #1 (1991, Germany; later releases used transfer #4 above)

Alternate Transfer #2 (Russian VHS and DVD from 2000; don’t know if this counts, because this particular print is presented in SECAM colorization, but I think it’s most likely transfer #4 with higher saturation.)