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Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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20-Dec-2015, 9:23 PM

FrankT said:

I… can’t believe Han’s gone.

If it takes place a long time ago, technically everybody is gone. I think Blue Oyster Cult has a song about this… but I know what you mean. If you leave off on a positive note, you just don’t have to think about the mortality of these characters.

SilverWook said:

It’s going to take a lot to make Kylo Ren deserving of redemption in my eyes after what he’s done.

I doubt it will ever happen, but Chewie ought to be the one to kill him.

I’m thinking Kylo will be irredeemable. At least, that would make for a bold direction. But I’m excited to see where they go with all this.