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xxtelecine 7xx
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The Force Awakens : Fan Edit Ideas
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20-Dec-2015, 12:27 PM
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Hal 9000 said:

Nah, I really don’t think anything about TFA made me rethink anything I’d done for my prequel edits at all. If anything, it would reinforce the goal of making the PT conform to the OT somewhat. However, Max Von Sydow made a vague allusion to balance of the force, so I wonder if that doesn’t get brought up again.
And once I saw Snoke onscreen, I thought, “Wow, that really could be Plagueis after all.” I still highly doubt it, but who knows.
I wonder if JJ wanted us to think the planet that got destroyed was Coruscant, or maybe just made it look like Coruscant so that we would take his meaning that he’s ‘destroying’ the prequels.

Coruscant is the republics home world and it was destroyed. As with the whole system. It is interesting to point out it was also the empire’s home planet so I am conflicted as why the first order would destroy this planet because are they not some of them from there?

Also about Pelagius I thought darth sidious killed him? Why would anyone think his is Snoke?

Sorry for my spelling. I’m on my iPhone.