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Info Wanted: The best audio, and differences between the many audio tracks available?
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19-Dec-2015, 11:43 PM
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6-Jul-2020, 6:03 AM
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I was looking for a recommendation on which audio track to listen to, and it occurred to me I guess I’m also curious about them in general. And for the record it’ll come out as stereo on my setup, since I play it on my computer sent to my HDTV, which does have 5.1 speakers. But I like the stereo audio anyway.

I was just looking through the topic for Harmy’s terrific Despecialized edition searching for posts mentioning audio, and I saw one say “wrong topic really”, so figured I’d make a topic for it.

So I’ve always enjoyed the laserdisc version’s audio, in fact until just now when I got into the Despecialized edition, I’ve only been watching the ol’ laserdisc rips for the past 12 years or so. I don’t actually know but I assume these used the 93 audio track?

Also a post from that topic said this: “the general public will probably be happy with Disney’s 81 crawl/93 audio upmixed”, which made me guess maybe the 93 track is the crowd pleaser anyway?

But I see the 70mm 6-track version is the default, and I saw a post saying it sounds great. And the other two top contenders for me I think are the 77 35mm stereo mix, and the 85 laserdisc mix.

So as an English speaker just looking for a track that will sound great, which will be in stereo anyway, what is the best track for me? Just the one with the best dialogue clarity and presence, overall nice sounding, oomph, etc?

And are there any interesting differences between the many available options? After just sampling a couple scenes and trying out all these tracks, to me it sounds like the 93 one boosts the dialogue a bit, and I guess it’s the track I’m used to. But I’m open to trying new things! =D Thanks!