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Help: looking for... info - Which version?
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19-Dec-2015, 12:11 PM

Stryker412 said:

I’m looking for the following HD versions if they exist:

  1. Star Wars - The original movie with the exception of starfighter CGI (from the SE) remaining during the Death Star attack.

You’ll have to make this yourself. People who have made semi-specialized versions always seem to include the Tatooine dinosaurs. So much is changed in that film, there would never be a semi consensus, and would just require DIY.

  1. Empire - Original with Bespin CGI and Ian McDiarmid

KK650 says he has a version coming out very soon with Ian’s emperor. I think he also has some of the full Wompa shots in it, though.

  1. Jedi - Original

Harmy’s 2.0 will soon be out.