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The Journal of the Whills: A Reconstruction of the 1973 Plot
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To reach the ruined temple on Aquilae where Han Solo’s band of green Hubble nomads had taken refuge, the heroes would ride some sort of scaly alien mounts, smaller in size than the fearsome Krayt dragons of the Hubble warrior tribes.

Near the temple, the party would reach an area of soft quicksand, which their beasts of burden would refuse to cross. The quicksand is inhabited by dangerous albino sandworms, roughly the size of large alligators, which enjoy feasting on humans who stumble into their lairs.

Elora Danan would guide the party safely over the quicksand… all except Princess Cora, who would have one leg sucked into the mire, and lose one of the boots of her grey battle jumpsuit to a sandworm before being rescued. Annoyed with the creature, Cora would throw her remaining boot back into the soft quicksand, deciding to go barefoot in order to keep her balance.

The underground resistance on Aquilae, short on uniforms already, would not be able to provide Cora with new boots – meaning she’d have to walk barefoot in the slime of the underground sewers, rather like the shoeless American troops in the winter snows at Valley Forge.

I should also mention that, while I’ve described the Ophuchi racing craft earlier as podracer-type vehicles, in reality they were probably more like the speeder bikes of ROTJ, or swoop bikes from Shadows of the Empire.

Plus, I imagine that while he was still officially an Alderaanian officer, Bail Antilles would wear a mustache (a fashion influenced by Alderaan’s increasing links with the Empire), only to shave it off after defecting to Aquilae. This is an allusion to how during the First World War, the British Army required all its troops to grow mustaches… until 1916, that is, when the requirement was repealed because the men being drafted into service were so young they couldn’t grow any decent-looking facial hair.