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The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **
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18-Dec-2015, 6:47 AM

Really enjoyed it.
Went on my own to a mostly deserted cinema Thursday morning.
Left my cynical head at the door and just watched the movie. Watched it in 3D which to me looked good, bit of ghosting but put that down to the cinema’s set up.
Great depth and depth separation. One massive out of the screen moment as star destroyer struck me in the face! Music and sound felt Star Warsy! (yes I love adding the letter Y).
After the fuck up of the prequels this felt like a Star Wars movie. The humour felt right, to agree with Laurence Kasdan, it had the “goofiness” of the originals (not the silliness of the prequels).
Yes the plot was was flawed and felt rehashy but arent they all?
Casting was great, Harrison ford was an aged Han Solo, Adam Driver stole the show.
I recognised little sound effects from the originals, the wipes felt quite authentic (these little things made me well up!). To see Han bite the big one hit me, I knew it was coming but the way it happened, for me was good.
Technically yes it looked modern but its going to, we live now, not back then. Even through the 3D glasses the colour timing felt right.
All in all an excellent addition to the Star Wars saga.
Its a good time to be a Star Wars nut!
Going again at the weekend with the family and really looking forward to it.
P.S. I was so choked up As the crawl began I forgot to read it! Ive seen the crawls so many times it just didnt register! Im such a big girls blouse!