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xxtelecine 7xx
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STAR WARS IV Beta 1.0 XXTELECINE 7XX Now Available.
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10-Dec-2015, 11:27 AM

I will Have the BD-22 up as a torrent sometime tonight. I put a lot of time into this release, so much to the point I a burnt out on Star Wars lol… I am not planning any future changes at this time, until maybe next year. I am going to take a few months off. For now please enjoy my edit of EP IV. I have borrowed some of revisited HUD shots and inserted them into my edit. I take no credit for this. ADYWAN is as of course responsible for those shots and it I felt it was to good to be ignored to be left out. They were taken from his SD Revisited release and will act as a substitute until maybe later someday he can re-create his work or I come up with something in HD…
Here is a list of some changes that I made from a VFX perspective.
–All Lasers were either outright (replaced) or re-scoped if replacement was not possible. Also there were several perspective changes of these lasers.
–Luke’s Light saber now has been replaced completely and show proper size of saber and correct glow of blue. (Falcon training sequence). The Jump Cuts were fixed from a more tradition cut away form of editing. I also used a planar tracking system to solve or at least minimize the wobbly shots of Luke’s hand were the Light Saber no longer wiggles.
The “shot if this is your father’s lightsaber” is in Alpha mode, and I have a few guys helping me out to re-create clean plates to correctly remove the original saber. All other saber sequences here re-scoped.
–“I think I just blasted it”—this control panel now has a Burn mark on it as it now matches the other scenes.
–The Death Star firing Laser now matches my work that I did in EP VI ROTJ.
–Vader’s Chest plate now has Lights that work :}.
–Vader’s Eyes have been masked out and darkened (no longer transparent and no longer red.)
–R2’s Projection hologram has been corrected to match shots were there originally were no blue glow.
–Muzzle flashes added to blasters were none existed, I even replaced some of the original ones.
–Added some cockpit explosions and laser hits to some of the doomed x-wings.
–There were other misc impact shots and flashes added when troopers were hit by laser blasts.
–There are several other changes I think the Die Hard Fans will notice but the list is too long to post. (and I am tired)

–I did also make some slight audio changes where I replaced the FOX intro music and used a re-scored “star wars” them music recorded more recently and it was blended in perfectly to the opening segment. I also added some misc Storm Trooper comments as fill in audio. Other tweaks were Luke’s Lightsaber sounds and Obi-Wan switch off sound from his saber to match the pre-quills that were used for his model. The audio by no means is not final, and it is conceptual. It is still a little rough, It is however in a DD 5.1 MIX. Another change is HAN Shoots first has been restored. I did not cut the Jabba Scene because I do not have access to a reference point of the original of were the correct cut should be made.

And well… That’s it for now…I am officially taking a break from all of this. After I see EP VII in theaters I am going to make an evaluation if I will further tweak things. One thing that caught my eye was some of the interior shots of the Falcon were the corridor lights in IV where replaced to green, and in ep V they were a light blue. After I see the new movie I might revisit ep V to correct this as well as replacing some of the Luke Vader Light sabers (making them look thinner and cleaner). But for now I am retired. I gave it my best shot to get this out in time if before the force awakens release for all of you die-hard fans wanted to do a STAR WARS HD 1080P movie marathon before going to see EP VII. I acknowledge that there is still work to be done with this, but at least for now it is playable.

But for now enjoy!