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Nosferatu (1922) Fan Restoration Proposal.
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22-Nov-2015, 9:16 AM
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23-Nov-2015, 11:25 AM
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This is a passion project I have wanted to do for a long time, however I do not believe I have the skill nor the knowledge to attempt this feat on my own. I, like most, am most familiar with the 2005/2006 restoration of Nosferatu. However, while this restoration is impeccable, there is room for improvement. There is at least one editing mistake in this restoration as well as some scenes that are lengthier in other versions of the film (see here: and here: ).

Also of note is the score. The 2005/2006 restoration contains a recreation of the original score. I say recreation as much of the original score is lost, so a lot had to be improvised. However this is not the first time a recreation of the original score had been attempted. In 1995 a CD ( was released containing a recreation of the score. Some consider this score to be far suppressor to the score accompanying the 2005/2006 restoration. As such it may be worthwhile to add this score to the film.

What is needed:

  1. Nosferatu 2005/2006 restoration (1080p BD rip, German intertitles) [Obtained]
  2. Nosferatu 1995 restoration (1080p BD rip) [Obtained]
  3. Nosferatu Public domain version (as high quality as possible) [Obtained, low quality]
  4. Nosferatu Original score CD (Optional) [Obtained]

So that is my proposal. I shall attempt to make this a reality. If anyone has any questions, contributions or information, do let me know.