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Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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19-Nov-2015, 10:42 PM

Spoilerboard for 2.4 is up: With more and more out there, I am sticking to just looking over Act I stuff.

Regarding that trooper, I’d say we definitely have to wait to see it in context. Honestly, that’s what I’ve been saying since almost the start, and I’m still sticking too it. In different contexts, the same things could look great, or be absolutely awful.

To assess myself, I’d still say I’m quite on the hype-train. My big conern still remains Luke’s lightsaber that is supposedly driving the story. There had better be a good reason it is so important, or otherwise, I guess everything will feel hollow? Empty? Like I don’t think I could be completely satisfied if it’s something minor that doesn’t really make sense. It would almost feel like cheating to get a story out of it if it’s not worthy, if that makes sense.

I also have minor concerns about how much they seem to be mirroring A New Hope. Now, this can’t really be a terrible thing. If it is a very close imitation, yeah, I’d be a little disappointed, but at least it wouldn’t be bad or noticeably sub-par. Also, as someone pointed out, from what we’ve seen so far, we have a desert planet, a forest planet, and a snow planet… Basically the whole original trilogy rolled up into one, which I thought was interesting.