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What 'a Star Wars Story' / anthology / spinoff film would you like to see?
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28-Oct-2015, 9:19 AM
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28-Oct-2015, 9:24 AM
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StarChewyWar said:

…Take the fact that most stormtroopers are human in The Force Awakens. Did the clones expire after a while?

The troops in the OT are human too. They all have different voices and heights.
I dunno what happened to the clones. I’m not into the PT or EU.

OH and to stay to target, I’d rather see spin-off films about new characters living in the Star Wars galaxy. Stories that happen during the OT, but don’t feature characters that we know or even connect to the other films. Smaller films and smaller stories. No galaxy saving, no major victories for the Empire or Rebellion. Just interesting stories about life in that world.