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Lt. Hija
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What if TFA is awful?
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23-Oct-2015, 5:42 AM

Ziggy Stardust said:

Alderaan said:

I don't think you have to worry about it being awful like the prequels; however, it's very likely that it will be a forgettable movie. The real angst will be to watch a contained story devolve into "what cool characters and plot can we think up next?" serial of the week. The difference is the same as that between a symphony and a pop concert.

 I certainly hope not. Although, the prequels have even managed to have some memorable moments, despite them not being the most fond amongst the majority. Many people remember podracing, the lava planet, the clones, Darth Maul's fight scene, etc. I'm sure there will be things to remember in TFA. I already have the image of Kylo igniting his lightsaber in the forest and the crashed Star Destroyer stuck in my memory, and those were just from the trailers.

Which of the two Star Destroyers? The one with its conning tower above the sands or the upside down larger one with the conning tower deeply buried inside the sand....? ;-)

The latter one is one of the most striking visuals linking back to the Original Trilogy, IMHO.