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Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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20-Oct-2015, 7:12 AM

Ziggy Stardust said:

Still, I'm hoping for the best. I've put a lot of my faith into this movie. Whenever something bad has happened to me this year, I've simply reminded myself that this is coming out. My girlfriend cheated on me? Star Wars is coming. My dog died? Star Wars is coming. I got fired? Star Wars is coming. You get the idea. What ever will I do if this movie disappoints me? I might have to begin to care about something besides a movie! ;) 


Know how you feel, man. 2015 is probably the most horrible year I've had and yet, I kept thinking at least it would end well. A decent (if not good, even!) Star Wars film is coming! Yes, totally a drowning man holding onto a straw.

The trailer, in a most odd and unpleasant way, reminds me of I felt back in 2005 when then RotS trailer came out. It has that same very polished, very shiny, clean artificial look, slightly reminiscent of the OT, yet different; frantic, fast-paced and heavily recut action shots interspersed with what appear to be long and dull exposition sections. The camera work actually looks great but it doesn't feel like the Original Trilogy. Not even the Prequels. Only RotS had a lot of these moving, panning (CGI) shots. In the rare instances where it wasn't just A camera/B camera sofa dialogues, that is.

I also fear that battles will be of the typical Prequel fare. Dumb, explosive, fast, pointless. Just cram as many things as you can. Star Wars intentionally felt almost like a documentary. Battles were exciting and engaging but they also felt methodical, more involved in the story. They actually served a purpose within the storyline. They had dialogue, pacing, sections of their own and unfolded almost like they could have been (great) stand-alone stories. TESB was the same, and even RotJ had great battles scenes. Cut to the Prequels and you have CGI armies or navies mashing at each other, without any reason either story-wise or even in-universe. No objectives, no battle story, no progression, no dialogue. At least TMP battles had some of these! ... 

It feels like TFA is going the latter way. Try to fit as many short, explosive scenes as possible. Three battles during a single movie? It will be RotS' Kashyyk all over again.

I dearly hope that I am wrong.... but I suspect that I am not.