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Ziggy Stardust
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Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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20-Oct-2015, 3:11 AM

I hate to admit it, but something about the newest trailer has left a bit of an odd aftertaste. The camera movements during the special effects shots are too flashy and overdone, which makes it look fake. The color scheme may also have a big part to do with it. Who knows, both might just take some getting used to.

A trend that I've noticed in the three previews of this film is that it's taking itself too seriously. Cryptic dialogue, an unrelenting dark/sad tone, and a refusal to say what the film is about, other than "it's about Star Wars." Where's the fun banter? The simple, swashbuckling adventure style? 

Still, I'm hoping for the best. I've put a lot of my faith into this movie. Whenever something bad has happened to me this year, I've simply reminded myself that this is coming out. My girlfriend cheated on me? Star Wars is coming. My dog died? Star Wars is coming. I got fired? Star Wars is coming. You get the idea. What ever will I do if this movie disappoints me? I might have to begin to care about something besides a movie! ;)