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THE FORCE AWAKENS (Episode VII) Discussion *SPOILER THREAD* See OP For Trailer/Teaser Links--Trailer is out!
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20-Oct-2015, 1:07 AM

nightstalkerpoet said:

I'm... less thrilled than the rest of you I guess. It made me worry that this will be a rehash of the PT in the Opposite direction. The PT was "look how big and intense and amazing we can make everything with CG". I'm a little worried the ST is going to turn out to be "look how big and intense and epic we can make everything look with as many practical effects as possible, then touch it up with CG to prove it can work to combine the two".

The OT was based on the premise of "I want to tell a story, how do we make these relevant character-developing events appear on the screen in a believable way".

 You ever look in the mirror and wonder if it's us? Impossible standards we put on these films this day and age. And being so dogmatic about things we  never be pleased unless we get to make the films ourselves. We must realize everything isn't "all about us."