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Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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18-Oct-2015, 11:50 PM

The poster is a cluttered mess, and as soulless a piece of digital hackery as I'd ever hoped not to see. Makes me sorry I was so hard on Struzan's mediocre (but still not completely soulless) D23 poster.

I honestly don't get the fatalistic comments I hear about how we "can't" expect this film to have a good, painted poster in the classic style of the OT posters. Why the hell not? Is it a question of money? Does a talented, classically trained illustrator cost much more than some cut-and-paste hack with a Mac? And, what with all of the other overtures having been made to old school filmmaking techniques on this production, was expecting that philosophy to extend to the film's poster really so unreasonable?

I'm also deeply disappointed that Starkiller Base is really nothing at all more than a third Death Star. I mean I knew it kind of was conceptually already, but the disappointment is much more visceral now that I see that even on a visual level it is nothing more than (yet another) copy and paste job. I agree with the analogy to the A-Bomb on the one hand - yes, there's no practical reason why a super-weapon design would be completely jettisoned when it has proven effective in the past. But come on, we're talking about a Space Fantasy saga where creativity and spectacle have trumped practicality in such delightful fashion, giving us such wonderful impractical implements of war as the AT-AT Walker and, well, the lightsaber.

Let's hope the trailer delivers a bit more reason for optimism. But, as old-timers who've lived through the bad days of the PT, let's continue to keep any such optimism cautious.