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THX 1138 "preservations" + the 'THX 1138 Italian Cut' project (Released)
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17-Oct-2015, 12:30 AM
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The food in the script/shooting script is referred to as "foam rubber food" or "multi-colored foam rubber." There are other references but that's how it's described, without really telling what the food is. I think the audience is expected to assume it's some sort of dehydrated supplement or something—you know, future food, where edible rubber is the highlight. I imagine this is some kind of commentary on food quality in the 60s and 70s, where food was really becoming processed and manufactured.

Here is a interesting scene that describes its qualities:

               16.   MAIN ROOM, THX'S QUARTERS

               THX is laughing hysterically.  As soon as he starts to 
               gain control of himself, he breaks out laughing again.

               LUH has taken a spherical piece of food from her tray and 
               is bouncing it on the table.  She is laughing, herself, 
               but still trying to keep control of the ball.

                              (laughing very hard)
                         bouncing in...violation..

               This makes them laugh even harder and LUH loses the ball.  
               They both dive for it and wind up face to face under the 

               Eventually, they stop laughing.

                         I've never been under the table 

                              (pointing at the 
                              underside of the 

                         That's not dirt...Can't be dirt..
                         Dirt is a violation.

                         Looks like dirt.

               THX picks up the red food ball and holds it up at LUH.

                         Look, food!

                         That's not food.  Can't be food.

                         Looks like food.

               THX takes a bite out of it and grimaces.

                         Tastes like food.

               He scrambles out from underneath the table and tosses it 
               in the product consumer.  It disappears instantly.

                         Produced to be consumed!

               LUH goes over to the table and scoops up the rest of the 

               She begins tossing it into the product consumer.

                         Hey!  Wait a minute.  Not all of 
                         it.  I'm hungry.

               She begins to break out laughing, throwing the food into 
               the consumer as fast as she can.  THX starts for her and 
               she begins throwing the food at him.

               THX catches her by the foot and pulls her to the floor.  
               They roll around playfully, laughing hysterically all the 

               Slowly and subtly, their play becomes more violent and 
               sadistic, although they keep on laughing.

                         The pain, no...the pain, I can't 
                         stand it.

               LUH turns on THX, pinning him to the floor.  She sits 
               astride him, holding his arms.

               They are both out of breath and panting heavily, confused 
               by a slowly increasing awareness of each others sexuality.

               LUH slowly releases THX's arms and sits up.  She gives a 
               last, embarrassed giggle and then falls silent.  They stare 
               at each other.

What is interesting is the removal of this scene, particularly because it builds tension and explains their sudden romance with each other. While it is a good segway, removing it doesn't hurt the scene or the transition from roommates to lovers. And the humor itself feels ackward and out of place with the rest of the theme; however, I do like it and would have like to seen it as an outtake/deleted scene.

You can search for more references here:

Just search for the keyword: food