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What if TFA is awful?
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7-Oct-2015, 3:00 PM

Bingowings said:

I fear after TPM and Prometheus I am now un-pumpable.

Understandable. Those two movies did leave me feeling rather deflated too... but I just can't seem to help myself on this one!

But maybe I should tackle the actual question. If TFA is awful... I'll probably honestly distance myself from Star Wars in general for a while. I'll always love the original trilogy, and I know I'd go back to watching and enjoying it eventually, but I'd probably shift my focus for a while. I'm a big fan of various kinds of movies - especially art-house and early B&W stuff - so I'd probably dive more into that.

Although, if the OUT ever actually comes out on Blu Ray, that would definitely get me excited about the Star Wars universe again in a big way! But that's for another thread...