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Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*
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7-Oct-2015, 1:36 PM
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7-Oct-2015, 9:13 PM
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@jerryshadoe - it's Ok. I also thought it could be an US Theatrical Cut and an European Theatrical Cut! (like Army of Darkness).

I thought there were 4 different cuts, but seeing that post from Captain Kahjiit could be 5 different cuts!

Your BD is just like the R2 DVD (only 3-8 frames frames less).

But, now I just got the 1993 US LD ripped by MrBrown, and it seems just like the R2 DVD! (only changes initial credits "FOX Presents" vs "Morgan Creek Presents")

And the Cabin scene is also just like the R2 DVD:

But seeing a little more, there is a 5 seconds Extended Scene in US LD at min 9! (but I think it matches now the French LD!)

It sounds crazy! I was just thinking about an European Theatrical Cut used for European LD/VHS, and an US Theatrical Cut used for HDTV, R2/R4 DVD and US Laser Disc, but this US LD is also different from R2 DVD!!! It's like the US VHS?? May be some scenes are like one of those from Director's Cut?? I still haven't compare them to any Director's Cut...  May be there are 6 different cuts!??

1-1993 US LD, US VHS?? (US Theatrical??)

2-1993 Spanish VHS, 1996 French LD (European Theatrical, pretty sure!)

3-1996 CBS (US TV Cut)

4-1999 R1 DVD (Director's Expanded Edition)

5-2001 R2/R4 DVD, HDTV (US Theatrical?? with some Director's Scenes??)

6-2010 BluRay (Director's Definitive Cut)