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Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*
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4-Oct-2015, 2:33 PM


you can see comparisons of French Laser Disc and Spanish VHS, versus the supposed Theatrical Cut by shadoe (taken from HDTV):

In the first video you can see that the initial credits are diferent from LD/VHS. There are more "letters" after that "1757" and the mountains appears later.

In the second video I've resync the BD credits and mountains with LD/VHS, so you can see that the end of the hunting scene is 2-3 seconds shorter in BD. And there is an extended scene with that guy turning his head inside the cabin.

In the third video, I've resync again but there is different cabin shot, and inside the cabin another extended scene when the woman talks...

And that's only the first 5 minutes!