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Idea & Info: The Brave Little Toaster DVD - Ideas on how to restore?
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29-Sep-2015, 7:49 PM

togedu said:

GoboFraggle1983 said:

togedu said:

I have already started a restoration of this film based on upscaling the superior PAL transfer and removing de-interlacing and ghosting artifacts. I am converting to 25fps progressive then applying slowdown to get back to the appropriate 24fps and remixing the soundtrack in 6.1 EX using the original theatrical stereo track and the original soundtrack album that was released Fairly recently. After that I am doing spot and dirt reduction using the German restoration software Diamant. Should be done hopefully by March. 

 Cool! How far have you gotten? 

I'm actually fairly far along with it, still using the DIAMANT dustbusting software to remove dirt frame by frame. The main thing that is taking so long is stabilizing the image. So much telecine wobble. I am digitally redoing the titles and correcting several issues. Should have it done in the fall. The images I posted above pale in comparison to what will be the final product. Also was able to create a 6.1 DTS discrete EX mix using the original theatrical audio, the 5.1 DVD mix and the soundtrack CD to create some separation. Artwork is coming together as well.  

Thank you so much for your efforts it will be appreciated. I read on wiki that the UK DVD used a fresher transfer and I live in the UK anyway so I recently purchased it from ebay. I am disappointed this is currently the best available (feel really sorry for the region 1 owners) with no sign of a blu-ray release so i'm looking forward to this restoration!