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Would you want to see Anakin or Obi Wan in the new trilogy, portrayed by their PT actors?
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24-Sep-2015, 8:38 AM

Lord Haseo said:

I wouldn't mind seeing Hayden in the ST. All he would need is the right acting coach to get him in the good frame of mind for his scenes and secondly he needs good dialogue. People seem to forget only amazing actors give vastly greater performances than the actual writing allows. I mean even Samuel L. Jackson wasn't good in the PT and he's an overall great actor.


I hear these kinds of defenses of Hayden Christensen a lot around here. And I just don't get them.

I've seen Shattered Glass, the film purported to be the ne plus ultra of his thespian skills,and I can honestly say I don't think he ever rose above the level of mere competence and serviceability; about as good as your average Lou Diamond Phillips performance. Nothing approaching Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, that's for damn sure. 

I dunno, praising an actor for simply being capable of turning in a not-horrible performance seems silly, and kind of smacks of the mentality that gives kids trophies just for showing up to the ballpark and gives congratulatory back-slaps to those Maury Pauvich and Jerry Springer guests who proudly proclaim their ability to pay their own bills.