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Idea: Fantasia PC
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22-Sep-2015, 2:54 AM

At the risk of pulling a Lucas, I wonder if any artists interested poita’s Fantasia project might be inclined to doctor a few (thousand) frames, to create a cleaner PC version of the controversial scenes Disney hacked up in the 1960s, at least as an optional, non-cringe-inducing alternative to poita’s 100% faithful preservation (which, of course, is a perfectly legitimate and rather awesome contribution to cinema history).

The idea would be to convert all the offensive characters into more neutral characters, taking as few liberties as possible in order to preserve as much of the original footage as possible. This would probably involve changing skin tones, some hair styles and some facial features.

Just tossing this idea out there to see if it sticks. I hate to bring politics into the forums, but I, for one, would greatly prefer to watch a slightly-unfaithful copy like this with my family and friends.