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13-Sep-2015, 1:51 PM

@Ronster -  JW scored to a locked cut of the edit.  This is the only way to assure the flow and structure has that wonderful linear, real-time development quality.  Now, there are usually a handful of minor adjustments made after the scoring session, which is what you have a music editor for - it's his/her job to be able to adjust our scores to fit the new timings whilst retaining the music's internal cohesion as much as possible.  One of the main differences in quality between Williams' OT scores and the prequel was that the prequel films weren't locked when he wrote the score.  He wrote, basically, independent cues and they were mostly music edited into the picture.  So while the individual cues might be great, the scores are missing what he does best - the interwoven connectivity which leads us from moment to moment during the film.  He does it better than anyone.

@Pittrek - Yes, much more coming!

Everyone else stay positive and keep the faith!