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Star Wars: Generations II
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25-Aug-2015, 9:46 AM

Quick update. Originally I had a whole story planned out for a 3rd movie, but because of how long these projects take I just can't devote another 3 or so years to do a 3rd movie. So I made some changes to the ending of my 2nd movie and a incorporated the ending of what the 3rd movie was going to be. Had to re record some scenes and add a few things to make this ending work.

As of now I've only got one small green shot to do and a very small 30-40second other scene to record and that'll be the end of the recording part.

I'd say I've actually already done about 90-95% of all the visual effects (which for me take the longest), so then I just need to focus on the sound effects (which I've done like 2% of), music, and the voices. These shouldn't take as long.

Hope some how to get more people interested in this project online, but for the ones who watch I hope you enjoy. At the end of the day this project is being made for myself and my family and friends who enjoy star wars.