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Fang Zei
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Worst Blu-ray transfers thread
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21-Aug-2015, 7:04 PM

jimbotron235 said:

Top of my list is Star Trek VI:


For some reason, this is always the first thing that springs to mind whenever I think of the worst blu-ray transfers. Maybe it's because I'm just barely old enough to remember when my Mom took me to see it in the theater. She actually surprised me with a theater-used ST6 poster this past Christmas.

It's the blu-ray equivalent of the GOUT for me.

The source master is apparently a 1080i they IVTC'd to 24p, as evidenced by the stair-stepping. My guess is that while they probably had a decent-looking 1080p of the director's version (the fresh transfer done in 2004 for the collector's dvd to replace the old non-anamorphic transfer), this 1080i from whenever/wherever was the best looking transfer of the theatrical cut they had lying around. So rather than spend the money on a fresh transfer they simply gave us this.

Voyage Home arguably looks the worst, like someone applied the watercolor filter and turned it up to eleven.