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Why the future SW films concern me
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16-Aug-2015, 7:28 PM

I look at the franchises as fanfiction. Some of it is quite good (TESB) and most of it is quite bad (everything else, yes that includes ROTJ).

What bothers me is the merchandising juggernaut.  I've seen a lot of the recent SW toys and they're junk.  A lot of the pages carrying news about TFA carry a lot of news about the toys and people (adults I am guessing) are going nuts about the toys.

I don't really care about the toys.  I know the merchandising paid for the brand as we know it today, but really, a lot of what has been produced is pretty awful.  Screw all the toys, the action figures, etc.  Please give me a good movie.  I'm not expecting sequel quality of TESB but please, at least a lot better than ROTJ/PT.