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How you pictured Anakin pre-PT
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9-Aug-2015, 2:42 AM
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I had the thought watching Star Wars tonight going from halfway to more or less completely drunk over the span of the film (so if I'm missing a flat-out contradiction in the dialogue, forgive me) that it would be interesting if Owen was Luke's biological uncle on his mother's side rather than being connected to his father. I initially thought that Anakin might've come to Tatooine as a Jedi already and knocked up some farmer's daughter, leading to social complications (if you want to keep the Jedi celibacy thing from the PT, that works; if not, it's still a baby out of wedlock in a rural community, so that making waves isn't much of a leap), but then I hit that line from Obi-Wan about how Owen "thought he should have stayed here and not gotten involved" and figured that probably meant Anakin was a native. Still, A.) Obi-Wan proves himself to be a damned liar on multiple occasions, and B.) even if we are having Anakin born on Tatooine, this setup could still certainly be made interesting if one were to put the time into thinking it through (which is something I'm not willing to do at the moment but will probably take a crack at in the morning). Anyway, am I totally off base? Anyone else think this might've worked if they'd ran with it back in the day?