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Terminator 2: 80's synth edition/No social commentary edition (title pending)
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19-Jul-2015, 10:53 AM
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29-Jul-2015, 12:18 AM
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Hey guys, a long while back I made a small fan edit of T2 called "The 80's edition" where I removed the "bad to the bone" music and replaced it with the terminator's "theme" from the first movie whenever he's walking around and stuff. I also did various trimmings where I removed the whole "you can't kill people" angle, as well as the whole "it's in your nature to destroy yourself" stuff, and of course, the terminator learning why people cry, and talking jive. Overall I was able to get the film down to exactly 2 hours. Oh, and I replaced Guns N' Roses with Van Halen's song "Judgement Day", which came out the very same year as T2. My edit never got outta the "unapproved" section of, and then it was lost when the site was given a major re-work.

Well, the pilot light's back on and I'm ready to tackle this again. This time I plan on using a german dvd of the film that doesn't have as much of the blanket blue color timing (some scenes still have it and I'll be editing it or using alternate sources as I must have like 6 different T2 dvds as this point), I'm redoing the entire soundtrack using his 80's inspired synth music called "New-retrowave", rebuilding all new sound effects so that this movie sounds more like a sequel to T1 (doing the opposite of what they did for the 5.1 mix of T1 to make it sound more like T2), and I might even give the movie a used vhs-tape look and sound to it.

I don't have a cutlist ATM as I don't remember what was trimmed and removed the first time I did this, but for now, here's some VERY ROUGH edits I've put together real quick.