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80's cartoons on DVD....bad aliasing (jaggies)!
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12-Jul-2015, 10:13 PM
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12-Jul-2015, 10:30 PM
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I stumbled upon this thread while searching the interwebs for this exact issue!

I notice that some episodes of Season 2 of Masters of the Universe (Mill Creek release) are badly aliased and display noticeable judder in panning scenes.  Some episodes are fine however!

I wonder, does anyone have the PAL releases of these and know if they are they any better?

I specifically bought the NTSC releases because I thought they'd be the same frame rate and resolution that the original episodes were created in, but it seems that that's not necessarily the case!

Also, in reference to the Transformers series, I've made it a labour of love ripping and re-encoding Shout Factory's NTSC release using Handbrake to greatly improve the image quality over the source.  I'm Happy to share the settings I used if anyone's interested.  It's not as good as Firebrandx's rip but he said he did this manually frame by frame and I don't have that kind of patience ;)