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Idea: What if there was only one Death Star?
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10-Jul-2015, 8:00 PM
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A lot of the movie is a rehash of the other ones and not very creative.  That's why it's the worst one of the OT.    

When I first saw a trailer that had the partially constructed Death Star I thought that the Empire was trying to repair their battle station that exploded in ANH and I thought that was a cool idea.  I used to think that it was lazy that they were making another Death Star but hey, it's a tool of war and a pretty good one at that.  Zapping a whole planet in a few seconds pretty much ends any war there.

Look at the US nuclear arsenal.  Did we stop with just one A Bomb?

If you conceptualize the DSII that way maybe it is easier to swallow, move to more important things like minimizing bad puppetry, cornball throwaway lines, ewoks....

One of the best ROTJ fanedit that I've seen was one of the Yads ones that removed Boba Fett entirely.