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Han - Solo Movie ** Spoilers **
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7-Jul-2015, 9:23 PM
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imperialscum said:

Btw why is there a hyphen in-between Han and Solo in the title?

 It's a joke. Get it?


You know, I thought we were all done with the naive assumption that just because Disney is distributing these movies that they'll be scrubbed clean. Let's not forget that they already had a franchise that revolved around pirates, and the main one was literally (and blatantly) drunk in every scene. I have no doubt that this film will have the edge it needs.

The big question, as captainsolo brings up, is how much of the old EU will they actually acknowledge? They ditched everything, of course, but they said they still might take inspiration from old stories. So who knows if they use any Daley or Crispin material.

The bigger question is, is this movie really necessary? Well, no, but why not make it? Han's a great character, and, even though we're all pretty used to HF playing him, I'm sure there's another actor out there who can take him on. But mainly, I'm glad these spin-off films are staying as far away from jedi as possible. It's a big galaxy out there, let's see what a scoundrel can do with his own movie.

By the way, I think we can probably expect this film to have a good sense of humor, considering the directors' track record. Which is a good thing. I always though Han was the funniest SW character. Don't want them to forget that.