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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - uncensored HDTV airing(s) (Released)
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1-Jul-2015, 9:13 AM

Oh, I understood Doctor M's post to be about Roger Rabbit. Never mind then, yes I've heard the story about The Rescuers.

Leonardo said:

satanika said:

Doctor M said:

Word is, those 'censored' frames were inserted by a disgruntled employee and not added intentionally to the film.

On a more serious note where did you hear this, and how would he have managed it? Was he the animator for those shots? Well, *someone* added them intentionally.. :3

 From what I've read online, the topless model was inserted probably during post-production. But prints from the original run might not have been affected:

from IMDB.com

I met a film collector who had access to an original release print from 1977 and we went through it frame by frame. The images did not appear in the window, so it seems that a different print was used for the video release in question tann the actual theatrical release.

Then there's this excerpt from an interview that came out when Disney made Tarzan

Thomas Schumacher, Disney's president of animation, explained the reason for the company's caution.

"We had that huge thing with The Rescuers," he says. "A cameraman inserted a tiny two-frame photograph of a topless woman. It was meant as a private joke between him and his friends. Then along comes video and laser discs, and someone out there found it, so we have to be very careful."