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Nien Nunb
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Jaws Sequels - HD Preservation (First Post w/ Updates)
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15-Jun-2015, 5:54 PM
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15-Jun-2015, 5:55 PM
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jordan200 said:

Apologies for the double post but another Jaws 3 preservation issue is the multiple variations of the opening titles. Nearly every version has different graphics, with the Australian HDTV version the least faithful to the theatrical. The ugly static red movie title on the HDTV doesn't have the gnashing teeth animation like every other version.

See screenshots:

Also, this video shows the VHS had that era's standard Universal logo, not the specially drawn 3D universal logo that I presume was on the theatrical (it was restored in 2D on the R4 DVD but is again replaced with the standard 80s logo in the Australian HDTV, if the network shows it at all).

 The 1980's MCA VHS had the standard Universal logo, but the VHS I have (from the late 90's I think) has the custom Universal logo combined with the static red opening credits like that Australian HDTV version has. I also used to have a TV edit recorded off of TBS in 2001 that had alternate or added music cues in a few sequences (and some interesting edits to remove objectional material) but unfortunately that tape is long gone.

Jaws III was one of my favorite movies as a kid for some reason so I've seen many different variations of it over the years from various video releases and TV airings. For the longest time I only had a VCR dub of the 80's VHS until I finally found a copy in Suncoast before they closed down in our mall. I think it's from 1998 (it has the post 1997 Universal logo on the sleeve) but I got it with some of my Birthday money in 2002.