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Help Wanted: need a huge favour from someone re SW '77 scene
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13-Nov-2004, 8:32 AM
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1-Jul-2020, 7:31 PM
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been processing with my new script last night. bloody hell sangnom is good. really cured my jaggies and dot crawl issues. okay there are still a few there but a lot less than before and barely noticeable in comparison.

however, when I was trawling through the video I noticed something and I’m really annoyed about it.

when luke has been duffed up by the tusken raiders I have a previously never noticed before shimmer. I thought a filter might have produced it but it’s on my bloody source!! grrrr.

it’s the scene where ben is leaning over luke and puts his hand on his forehead.

the capture is 55 frames. could anyone be so good as to capture those frames from their source in it’s pure uncorrected form and do it as a NTSC 720 x 480 avi in huffyuv yuy2 form codec. and post a link so I can download this correction? from my test it would work out to about an 11 meg file. the actual movie image video needs to be either 720 x 364 high without black bars if anamorphic or 720 x 270 or 272 or 274 without black bars if not, ideally this would be 23.97 fps but if it’s an interlaced 29.97 file (which will be therefore a few more frames and bigger than 11mb)I can IVTC and deinterlace if neccessary. If you captured a number of frames either side of that, this would be cool and I could crop and insert no probs.

if someone could do this pwease pwease pwease then I owe them big style.

alternatively, if not an avi. if someone could screencap the offending frames as deinterlaced progressive bmp’s of the right resolution and provide links for them, then I could assemble the image sequence back into an avi.

I know for whoever is good enough to do this it would mean a bit of time to sort and it would be very much appreciated.

the pictures below are

1. the frame before I need the cap to start\lancer\dvdmenus\shimmer1.jpg

2. the first frame of the cap\lancer\dvdmenus\shimmer2.jpg

3. the last frame of the cap\lancer\dvdmenus\shimmer3.jpg

4. the frame after the cap finishes.\lancer\dvdmenus\shimmer4.jpg