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What is the rarest video in your collection?
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22-May-2015, 6:31 PM

boon23 said:

Now I've got it. The rarest video in my collection is a mini fanedit I made: I cut out the dream sequence from th emovie Grand Canyon. Nothing else. But it improves the movie a lot for me. I think no one else has this.

 But but but mind boggles.

I do a lot of fanedit stuff myself, too, some along these lines.  Mostly I  put deleted scenes back in movies and tweak tv shows.  I've done all of The Walking Dead to fix various issues and am working on a LOST with no flashbacks and in chronological order, almost done with season 3.

The closest that I did to this was adding the beginning of Terrance Malnick's Tree of Life to Prometheus.  I had to cut all the voice overs so basically we now get the creation of the universe and planets, then the engineers arrive, then you get dinosaurs and a comet comes and wipes them out.  Cut to the TED talk by Wayland about all the things that technology will do for people if you join him on the ride...