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Frank your Majesty
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4K restoration on Star Wars
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18-May-2015, 1:51 AM
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18-May-2015, 1:52 AM
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Frank your Majesty
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John Doom said:

Frank your Majesty said:

The car will never catch on, horses are more than adequate for the masses.

Cars and horses are like apples and oranges, in both functionality and uses, while 1080p TVs and 4k TVs are the same, except in resolution and size

team_negative1 said:

Cars are a poor comparison, as they are critical for infrastructure and commerce.

 I choose this comparison to paraphrase a quote of Wilhelm II: "I believe in the horse. The automobile is nothing more than a passing phenomenon." When cars were inveneted, they were not much different from horses and noone could have known what possibilities cars would eventually offer.

team_negative1 said:

Entertainment is a mere luxury and not significant in the larger scheme.

Who really needs 1080p, when 720p are fine? who really needs a TV at all? The point of luxury products is that they are not crucial to survival, so if you can afford the latest and fanciest products, why not get them?

I don't believe 4K will dominate the market, but to say there is absolutely no market for it is ridiculous.

John Doom said:

People like me just want to buy a TV, put it in a living room, making sure it doesn't take too much space and that it can be seen at the right distance (about 2 meters).

And for a smaller distance, a TV with a higher resolution can be better.

John Doom said:

team_negative1 said:

4k will be a spectacular failure, much like the bluray format is compared to vhs and dvd adoption. Digital files have replaced them for flexibility and forwards improvements at a much quicker pace.

Well, I don't think digital 4k resolution will be a failure, because it will find some application one way or another.

 You still need a screen to display these digital files, even if the TV program isn't 4K. So why not buy a 4K TV for the special occasions (like watching the OOT (now I'm actually on topic)) even if you don't use its full potential all the time? I have an HDTV, but I watch the TV program in SD and I have mostly DVDs, yet when I stream HD videos or Blurays from my computer I can appreciate the higher resolution.

John Doom said:

4k TVs, though, are in my opinion coming too early

Everything is coming too early. Anything that's put on the market still needs development to fit the actual needs of the customers, you need their feedback to finish a product. Also, it would be too high a risk to implement the whole infrastructure for 4K if you don't know if this format will be accepted. This way, companies introduce it step by step and they will react to what ever standard will prevail.

I don't believe 4K will become the dominant fomat in the near future, but as the costs of TVs will drop, more and more people will switch. And as long as screens don't surpass the resolution of film, there will be plenty material to release in higher and higher resolutions.