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Star Wars: The Dark Times
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Alright, here's a small preview of my story. It's not much, but I'd like to know what you guys think about it.  Please leave some comments. Thank you.


“M’lady?” a voice called out.

Padme snapped back to reality and she found herself staring at a blue expanse with tiny dots of white flickering. The blurry vision focused and the blue turned into a lake glimmering with the light of the morning sun. More rays passed through the window and illuminated on to her white gown. Out of the corner of her eye, Padme noticed the large arches and columns lined against the walls.

Where was she? It certainly wasn’t the Theed Palace. No, the ball had been a year ago. Oh yes, Varykino–her family’s retreat in Naboo’s Lake Country!

With her father’s permission, Padme came here to have some time away from the large crowds of Naboo’s royal palace and work on the upcoming party to house for the king and his advisor. That had been the excuse.

“M’lady, are you alright?” called out the same voice from before, timid and soft.

Padme turned away from the window to a human girl who had joined in the long, airy hall. “Oh Teckla,” she said, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

Teckla bowed her capped head then spoke with a thick accent deemed her of Naboo’s lower-class. “I apologize, but I came to see you. I didn’t realize you were busy,” she said.

Padme spared a small smile. “It’s fine. My mind was… somewhere else. Now, you wanted to see me?”

Teckla’s tan face brightened at the reminder. “Ah, yes! I have something for you.”

Her hand went inside the thick blue folds of her dress, and a moment later, Padme’s eyes fell on a pair of clear, cylindrical crystals in Teckla’s palm. Lines ran over the transparent faces in circuit like patterns that made the crystals not mere ones. “When did they come in?” Padme quickly asked, glancing back with slight surprise.

“Just now, m’lady. A Bothan gentlemen came by and requested I give this to you.”

“I see…”  Padme paused for a moment. “Thank you, Teckla.”

She took the crystals in her own hand and kept them hidden in her red sleeve. Striding across the veranda’s marble floor, she reached the entrance when Teckla began again, “M’lady…”

Padme stopped and turned to Teckla, seeing concern in those familiar blue eyes. “Yes?”

The servant girl hesitated before she continued, “May I ask just what the message is? You seem to be getting more of them recently.”

“They’re nothing to worry about. Just some private messages.”

“But with the war going on, I’ve been wondering just what–”

“I said they’re nothing to worry about,” Padme cut her off, more forcibly. She spoke again, calmer than before, “You should get some rest. You’ve had a long day.”

Teckla conceded with a sigh and bowed again. “Yes, m’lady,” and she walked passed her mistress without any answers.

When Teckla was out of sight, Padme slightly chastised herself for her harshness. Teckla was merely curious, just like Padme herself had been not too long ago. It was only natural to ask after going on her mistress’ “errands” and receiving these strange messages. Now, Padme knew there was nothing to do about it, so she silently walked down the halls with her gown dragging on the marble floor.

Varykino, Padme found, was the perfect place to be alone. It was situated many klicks away from Theed and the prying eyes of the king’s handmaidens and advisors. The calm air and beautiful lake always cleared Padme’s thoughts, and she always carried many memories of many vacations with families and friends.

That had been before the Clone Wars. Before Naboo declared its independence from the Republic.