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After the Sequel Trilogy Concludes... Then What?
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7-May-2015, 12:21 AM

The PT is so full of jarring discrepancies and displays such a cavalier, wanton disregard for OT-established facts about the era it purports to cover, that one simply cannot accept it for what it claims to be (the canonical first three episodes of the Saga). Looking at the saga as an extended history laid out in a tome like The Journal of the Whills, one would have little choice but to consider the PT apocryphal; a gloss added so long after the fact (and so clumsily) that its historical veracity must necessarily be doubted.

That said, the route for remaking the PT that I think Disney could feasibly take is this: Present it as an "alternate" telling of the events - a "What If" or "Elseworlds" type of thing... One that just so happens to be in perfect accord with the PT-era references in the OT and which respects the plot twists of the OT and flows like a proper story when viewed chronologically. They could even leave the episode numbers off of them and treat the remake as though it were the apocryphal version (but, wink-wink, nudge-nudge we'd all know it represents the proper version of the events). That way the PT, TCW, Rebels and all that other crap can stay "on the books" as the official "canon" and we can have our PT which everyone but us would ghettoize as a "Legends" story.

OT-ers are happy. PT fanboys are happy. Disney makes money.

I doubt it could happen before, say, 2030... But as long as it happens and I get to see it, I'll be satisfied.