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Episode VII: The Force Awakens - Discussion * SPOILER THREAD *
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5-May-2015, 4:20 AM
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Any thoughts on these alien pirates. The droid really intrigues me. It looks like a protocol-type droid, except this on has more female features (a nod to C-3PO's Metropolis design origins perhaps?), not to mention a pretty weird-looking head. 
The big alien guy however looks a lot like Bossk to me. He has the same outfit and he looks a lot like a Trandoshan from the neck down (his hands are identical to Bossk's, except a lot fatter). Also are those tusks, or bones or something coming out of his jaw? I know that as far as the original EU goes Trandoshans never had tusks, but that doesn't mean that they've changed the design in the new movies. Perhaps he's a different type of Trandoshan, someone from the same planet, or perhaps an older one?