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The Boba Fett movie
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5-May-2015, 1:05 AM

Currently in canon Boba Fett is not even a Mandalorian, and he is the clone of Jango Fett some thug who randomly had Mando armor.

If it was the Boba of the original trilogy, minus the lame way he died in return of the jedi i would be interested. Not interested in prequel Boba.

Would be interested in finally finding out why Boba Fett and Han Solo hate each other so much and Boba seems to be gunning for Solo.

But even filling in those blanks could be really lame if done prequel style.

Boba does have an origin its just really lame like Anakin's origin. Unless they overwrite the origin and the Boba from episode II is killed and someone steals his suit and assumes the name.

Would rather have the man with no name Clint style Boba, but can they do that after the second prequel?