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Star Wars 97SE in HD using super resolution & more
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4-May-2015, 2:52 PM
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4-May-2015, 2:56 PM
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Because source are cropped at the sides - just like laserdiscs - I calculated (when I did my first SE project) that actual image is around 2.25:1; so, the final active size should be 1920x856, to mantain proportions - even if the best would be 1920x840, to have exact double vertical size of the source, hence less upscaling errors; it will be about 2.28:1, closer than 2.35:1

towne32 said:

Very clever. I do hope this becomes available once complete!

We'll see... for the moment, I'm just experimenting; I'm curious to know how good this is in comparison to other preservations, though! Any screenshots?

Jetrell Fo said:

If you're gonna go TB route maybe using the Widescreen VHS set as a combiner source would be better?

Just a thought .....

Nope... the VHS, I must admit, is not that bad... to be a tape source; but it's not even near the TB quality; at least, I'd use the laserdisc, but, again, combined together, the TB and GKar are a step ahead any laserdisc capture - until we'll see a software-based capture, and I'm really waiting for it!