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Star Wars : Episode I - The Ancient Lore [Episode I - REMAKE]
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1-May-2015, 11:37 AM

It's all fascinating in concept. 

 Questions.... Are these videos laid out chronologically? Also, will Palpy always speak some strange new tongue? I mean, I get that you had to do that to force your narrative changes. But it seems to me if you're going through the trouble of changing voices, why not find someone who can give you fresh Palpy dialogue so that half of your film doesn't become a foreign film with the Neimodians also with a language change.

Also, I recommend you find a new method of concealing the hologram face. Blurring looks like it's an episode of COPS. Instead I would create some shadows over his face. There are ways to achieve this in After Effects.

And a personal thought. Gui-Gon with a purple saber seems off to me. And I hated the purple saber at the get go. If you're trying to illustrate his rogue nature then I would think other colors that have not even been used. Yellow comes to mind.

That's all I can contribute at this point not knowing much else. If you need help, feel free to ask for it! These are some strong/bold ideas. I think you should push forward, but really think about the quality at the end of the day. I've learned that lesson in the past to be sure! =) Good luck!