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Star Wars: Rogue One - * Non Spoiler Discussion Thread *
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24-Apr-2015, 6:18 PM

My two cents.

I highly doubt there will be no mention of the Force or jedis. I actually assume that there could be plenty of screen time to see the Force at work. But even if there isn't, the SW universe is so full of familiar designs, mythology, lineages, terms, and geography that we'll feel right at home.

What I am curious about is Leia's involvement. This is based on the opening conversation between Vader and her. For a reminder:

                         Lord Vader, I should have known.
                         Only you could be so bold. The
                         Imperial Senate will not sit for
                         this, when they hear you've attacked
                         a diplomatic...

                         Don't play games with me, Your
                         Highness. You weren't on any mercy
                         mission this time. Several
                         transmissions were beamed to this
                         ship by Rebel spies. I want to know
                         what happened to the plans they sent

                         I don't know what you're talking
                         about. I'm a member of the Imperial
                         Senate on a diplomatic mission to

                         You're a part of the Rebel Alliance...
                         and a traitor. Take her away!

Also, when C3-P0 says, "there's no escape for the princess this time", it makes think that there were times prior to the capture of the Tantive IV that the two had met.

Was this territory covered in the EU at all? Has someone written about Vader's and Leia's relationship prior to ANH? It sure seems like they are well acquainted with each other and that she is well acquainted with the rebels. If vader is to be in it, she should be too, especially since she is involved in the rebellion. I doubt the film would end with someone in one ship sending the plans to people in a ship, neither of which we had seen on screen.