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Star Wars Digital HD Release .... April 10th
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16-Apr-2015, 4:15 PM

I know it's kinda late in this discussion but after skimming through much of this thread here's what I've got to say. I didn't buy the BluRays so why would I buy this? I'm not particularly thrilled hearing the Fox logos have been cut from the front of the film's aside from ANH. Seeing those opening Fox logos is as much a part of seeing SW as anything. But I get why it was done. Hopefully Disney and Fox will reach a deal in the future to restore those logos but I won't hold my breath. As far as the new theme that accompanies the Lucasfilm logo I'm not particularly thrilled with it and hopefully it's temporary. I thought the recut version the gentleman who cut it in five minutes posted before was actually better. Well done. Me personally though I'm gonna have to agree with the one guy who said there should be no music accompanying the logo. If the Fox logo is gone what's the need for the music? There was no music that accompanied the Lucasfilm logo at the beginning of Indy 4 so why the need for music now? Again that's just me. As far as TFA I had mixed feelings when it was first announced. I kinda felt it was pointless when it was first announced. I felt we really got the bulk of the story with 1-6. Why the need for more? Fast forward three years my opinion of it is more open and I'll definitely see it. My initial judgement over a new film which I still slightly hold was more out of the feeling of the stories completion not so much of Lucas' excessive changes to the saga. In regards to the latter I feel once it's done its done. SW is a 1977 film, ESB is a 1980 film, ROTJ is a 1983 film plain and simple. Leave it that way and I only pray that justice will be served to these iconic films some day.