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xxtelecine 7xx
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Star Wars ROTJ beta v2.0 now completed. (Released)
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7-Apr-2015, 4:33 PM
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7-Apr-2015, 4:35 PM
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Possessed said:

Consider me a satisfied customer.  Do you have any plans for doing this on ANH and ESB?  Doing those two would understandably be intimidating at the moment... but I could live with just having enhanced lasers and shiz to keep it in 1080P.

 I already have v1.0 IV and V, Working on some fixes before releasing.

IV details-

-Falcon engine will be Blue

-Darth Vader eyes will be black (no more red tint and no more eyes and eyebrows from David) god help us all...

Vader's chest plate will now actually light up with random lights (RED)

-original lasers on the intro scene (storm troopers and rebels) will all be erased and redrawn digital with a more natural screening effect.  I have to get rid of the originals because just re-scoping them made the effects look too hot!!

-Han Shoots first

-Debating Cutting Jabba Scene it did not work in 77, and it still did not work in 98.

-all light sabers rescoped 

-all lasers blast and effects rescoped

muzzle flashes add where needed.

reworking Death Star explosion.

-- working to replace space background after the explosion of Alderen. From the POV inside of the cockpit of the Falcon.  (I spelled it wrong I know.. ) I am holding on this because I have not composited a background that I am happy with yet. And it is a nightmare to track with Mocha AE pro. 

- some of the xwing cockpit explosions will be enhanced.

- misc sparks will be added here and there during the death star attack seq.

--Misc AUDIO storm trooper Dialog added when needed.

-- Vader's light saber can now be heard turning on just before OBIWAN activates his saber.  (rear left to mid channel) on a DD 5.1 mix.

--Falcon shown firing at Tie Fighters with added sound effect of the Falcon firing. ("your all clear Kid...") Also Laser blast effect added just before TIE pilot says "look out..."


V details:

-All laser blasts, light sabers recoped.  inpact flares added ect same as above.

--also converting pink saber shots to RED

-Luke Vader shot in the cave will have more of a dreamy effect added.

-misc impact sparks ect.

--muzzle flash added when needed.

--Various minor improvements

Vader's saber can now be scene turning off after luke crashes through window (city in the clouds)