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What Special Edition changes (if any) did people like?
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7-Apr-2015, 12:30 AM

skyjedi2005 said:

But it is pretty much clear as day a fact at least to me, as long as the original movies no longer exists.  I would not have a problem with the special edition if it did not replace the real films i grew up with.

Lucas is of the opinion that allowing choice is bad and that multiple versions should not compete with each other, not based on his words but based on his actions.

Ridley Scott had a final definitive vision of blade runner but it did not stop him and the studio from releasing the other versions of that film.

 True. Lucas even tries contradicting his quote from the '80's of how films should be preserved. He now words it that its wrong for people who were not involved with the making of the film to get to get their hands on classic films and make changes. Lucas feels that should be the directors choice which is why he's moved forward on continually changing his films. Do I agree with it personally? Yes and no. Directors I agree should have a say in how films are going to be presented on future releases. Spielberg said a few years ago he is not making any further changes to his films. It'd be a shame that after he's gone and cant control what happens to his films that studios are now getting their hands on it, adding CGI in Jaws, removing the guns again in ET, ect. Regardless of if it enhances the films for better or worse, my vote would be worse, its an insult to Spielberg's choice to leave his films untouched. Now do I think George has no right to do what he does? No. Its his films so he can do what he wants. But rewriting history and pretending that there's only one definitive version when he keeps making changes anyway I disagree with. And as far as him updating to match his 'vision', that claim is getting old. The fact he wants to make changes to connect with the prequels shows he's going against his original vision. And frankly some of the recent changes are ridiculous. Vader saying 'noooo', Obi-Wan's 'call', the dug in Jabba's palace, Jabba's new palace door.