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The Random EU Thoughts Thread
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31-Mar-2015, 6:44 AM
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I had read the "Dark Empire" comic because it was a big deal when it came out, it was neat to see some new Starwars stuff in the format. I used to buy comics all the time, mainly for the art as that is what I do. I had previously read the old Marvel comics Starwars books and enjoyed them for what they were.

Eventually Dark Horse began pumping out multiple Starwars titles, some even based on the novels. They always had decent looking covers so I picked a few on a random trip at some comic shop. Upon going through them I noticed a few things, the art was generally boring and the writing was terrible. One book had the emperor hobbling about and acting like he was a villain from some 80's cartoon show. After that, the only comic I ever bought was the first part of "Heir to the Empire" which was decent enough. Aside from a few stories the EU in comic form were either pretty "meh" or just corny and badly put together.

This was all years ago and some of it could have gotten better but I am pretty sure the back story and canon has gotten so silly and convoluted at this point that it was probably a good idea to wipe it clean. Saying that, Disney will start pumping out a whole new mess of problems as a new EU starts selling like mad and quality control goes out the window. Eventually the whole thing will suffer the same fate.