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Star Wars ROTJ beta v2.0 now completed. (Released)
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29-Mar-2015, 1:12 PM
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23-Dec-2020, 7:43 AM
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(Screen Shots)

I am pleased to announce that I have finished ROTJ 2.0, from a face lifting point of view… My later releases will contain custom edits with the additions of some of the original deleted scenes, that I am working with other forum members on with privately.

I am  now rendering a FULL 22 BD version with DTS audio 6.1.  Once complete I put it online via the usual channels. (MONDAY) 3/30/2015

List of work done:

–Re- Rottoscoped all laser blasts and 98% of the light saber shots. Some were already done from the studio and originally looked pretty good (2%) :}

–Added minor light flares to improve certain shots.

–Added Professional Muzzle flashes on most weapons.

–Added impact Flashes on most of the Action Sequences as this enhanced many of the battle sequences.

–Added Better lighting effects to the Falcon, as it was entering the death star.

–Replaced all Falcon Engine shots, All of the Engine shots are now a blue glow. 

– The only shot I have regrets with is the Super Star Destroyer crashing into the death star, I added extra explosions to mask a little of the cheezness of the original fireball, but outside of re-shooting this sequence all together, there is not a lot more I can do… Its a bad shot and needs re-shot.

I am currently working to clean up the footage from the deleted scenes. (this is at a request from other members of this forum.  For a possible later addition, below is some screen shots from this.  They will not be in Version 2.1 but possible 3.0 or someone else’s edit. As you know the deleted scenes are in SD, I unconverted the footage to 1080p and got rid of the horrible interlacing artifacts and add a comprehensive about of Noise reduction,  and added a nice  polished HD Kodak film grain. (this smooths a lot of the garbage out).  I am now working on removing most of the film scratches, and bad splices.  The shots still need to be color corrected, but I will do this when I get everything else done.  Once this is complete then I will work on creating laser blast effects, ect. Below are the screen shots.

I really wanted to add Sebastian Shaw as a ghost as the end but I do not have any source material to work with.  Any help with obtaining this 20 second clip 1080p (MAX Quality) would be a great help. I then would be able to add it to a future 2.1 release.

But for now Enjoy!!!