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How the Special Edition Should Have Been
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29-Mar-2015, 11:28 AM
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10-Jan-2016, 11:47 PM
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Well I prefer things left unchanged but I do have certain exceptions. Cleaning out dirt and color correcting the image so it looks as good if not better than it was in first run? Fine. The actual film itself was not changed. Remastering the original sound elements so the music, dialogue, and sound effects sound as good if not better in first run? Fine. The sound itself was not changed. Digitally removing or enhancing a scene with CGI elements to ‘improve’ the scene? No. Rerecording or replacing portions of the audio with either rerecorded or unused pieces to ‘enhance’ the sound? No. So in regards to the Special Editions, I am not a huge fan of them. However, I respect Lucas’ choice in doing them. Its his methods of rewriting history by saying ‘the original doesn’t exist anymore’, he wants the originals destroyed, and the Special Edition is ‘the’ version that will only exist that I am unhappy with. If he would package the two together so everyone if not most people would be happy there would be no need to fuss. Yes he says he feels its the ‘director’s prerogative’ to enhance their films but he must understand that once upon a time a version of Star Wars was completed with the technology given at the time and released to worldwide acclaim. He also must remember there’s a big fanbase that prefers these versions. Now me, I say Lucas can do what he wants to his films but his not making the originals unavailable anymore is just wrong. This is strictly opinion of course.